Fujita Farm

Thoughts for dairy farming

We Fujita Farm aims at nature – friendly dairy farming in Nishikan-ku, Niigata City,
former as known Iwamuro village,
Three companies jointly with Gelateria Regalo and Rice factory Iwamuro
We practice circulating agriculture.

State of the barn
State of the barn

Gelateria Regalo, it processes freshly squeezed milk into gelato and cheese every day.
Rice factory Iwamuro, it  is fertilized Cow’s excreta to rice field as compost to nurture Koshihikari rice.
Also grow fodder rice and feed maize using compost, and to dairy cattle ….

Making mozzarella cheese
Making mozzarella cheese

In addition, For the meat provided at the farmer’s restaurant La Bisteca,
The calf born at the Fujita Farm will be fattened with rice of Iwamuro,
We are beginning to try 0km production.

the Reason of delicious milk

At Fujita Farm, in stress-less environment as low as possible for cows,
We feed they with wheat straw, feed rice, feed maize
as Safe and Secure that human could eat them.

A calf just born
A calf just born

In general, almost commercially available milk is sterilized by
Ultra-high-temperature processing that sterilizing heat with 120 to 130 °C for 2 or 3 seconds,
Although the nutritional value remains almost unchanged,
but Proteins that determine the flavor are altered.

Brown Swiss
Brown Swiss

Fujita Farm’s milk is, slowly sterilizes fresh milk squeezed every morning by pasteurization at 65 ℃,
so you can taste the original deliciousness like raw milk with natural flavor and sweetness.

Milking ...
Milking …

Because of the luxurious use of this rich milk of Fujita Farm,
the gelato of Regalo is firmly stands out the flavor.

Experience dairy farming

At the Fujita Farm, milking experiences, butter making,
We are planning various experiences such as making gelato.
Please contact us if you are interested.
( Guidance is only Japanese )


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