Gelateria Regalo

Regalo mean “gift” in Italian, which also it became the name of a square where the shop is.

The necessary Ingredients to make delicious gelato is a gift from the earth of Niigata – Nishikan-ku.
It is stuck to every raw and fresh material that determines the taste of gelato,
such as milk characterized by the highest fat-free solid content in this area,
Organic cultivated vegetables and fruits raised with cattle compost, and so on.

For example, milk.

In order to make use of the original flavor, we use low temperature pasteurized milk of Fujita Farm luxuriously.
Speaking of milk from Fujita Farm, it is the drops of the life from the cows living with eating rice.
Even if we use the slightly sweet raw milk, and if we use less the sugar as much as we can,
the individuality of each material firmly draws to the maximum flavor completely.

Flower Garden of Regalo
Flower Garden of Regalo

the Gelato has two “seasons”

Of course, the first is seasonal “season”.
At Regalo, we have around 15 kinds of gelato every day from among over 100 original recipes
in seasonal coloring and variations of materials so that you can enjoy gelato that is made by using of seasonal ingredients.

The other “season” is, better moments of eatable.

Gelato of Regalo has no artificial paste or preservative added.
So we adjust the recipe according to the weather and temperature
so that you could taste gelato in the moment of the most delicious “season”,
we’ve handmade one by one every day.


As a cafe

At Regalo, in addition to gelato, we serve authentic Italian coffee.
Delicious and valuable coffee that is difficult to taste at home.
Please try our cappuccino by the trained barista (coffee craftsmen)
that was pulled the beans with an espresso exclusive mill,
and finely whisked raw milk of Fujita farm with steam.


Tel: 0256-82-0455
Fax: 0256-82-0455
定休日:10月~12月 火曜定休
※ 1月~9月 不定休


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