La Bistecca

Renewal open on July 1, 2017

La Bistecca means “beef steak” in Italian language.
As its name espress, here is the steak menu focused farmhouse restaurant.

Restaurant exterior
Restaurant exterior

Our farmhouse restaurant was built in the middle of the scenic landscape from the large window
where you can see the mountains of Mt.Yahiko, Mt.Taho and plentiful Niigata countryside.
By using the deregulation of the National Strategy Special Zone
that allows the establishment of farmer’s restaurants within the agricultural area,
it was possible to build up even in such a this location.

Block of beef
Block of beef

About dishes

We serve meat dishes such as steak, or minced meat and stewed dishes,
which using in-house beef that Fujita Farm raised and raised with Niigata rice.
In addition to, delicious local vegetables,
Reducing agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer Rices that produced by Rice Factory Iwamuro,
Seasonal gelato and soft cream of Gelatelia Regalo using raw milk of Fujita Farm.

Steak set A
Steak set A
Steak set B
Steak set B

Nature is a treat

As a safer and safer local production area spot to see the producer’s face,
we are working on a sixth order industrialization project based on recycling agriculture
that keeps the load on the natural environment as infinitely as possible throughout the entire group.

The counter seat where the chef steaks in front of you,
Spacious space with high ceiling, scenery of every season that can not be experienced in town,
And we will welcome you with a heartfelt hospitality.

Restaurant interior
Restaurant interior

On sunny days it’s recommend terrace seating.
Terrace seats could also be used with yours pets.

Please come to enjoy also after the driving to Iwamuro or Yahiko area.


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