Regional food shop – mercato is a direct selling place in the middle of the plain between Yahiko-san and Kakuda-san.
the Rice of Rice Factory Iwamuro that was grown using compost of Fujita farm and reduced chemical fertilizer,
the Cheese made from raw milk of Brown Swiss raising in Fujita Farm,
seasonal Vegetables and Fruits directly from regional farmers, and
such as “Karashi-maki” and “Kiriae”, these are famous and traditional food products of Nishikan-ku, and honey, etc.,
We are selling mainly products which produced in this area.

the Recommends

  • Rice of Rice Factory Iwamuro (Whole year)
  • Cheese (Whole year)
  • Tomato (Whole year)
  • Niigata brand strawberry “Echigo-hime” (Late March to May)
  • Honey from Iwamuro (May to It’s getting lost)
  • Herbs, flower seedlings (April to June)
  • Watermelon (June to September)
  • Figs (late August – November)


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