Rice Factory Iwamuro

The thought for rice farming

At Rice Factory Iwamuro,
“Make the rice that safe and delicious, for deliver it directly to customers”
we’re aiming for farming rice.
Without using chemical fertilizers as much as possible,
the Organic fertilizer of fully composted fermented cow excreta
We are using reduced fertilizer for plenty of rice field.

Regarding the 匠米takumi-mai, rice field as well as does not use herbicide for levee ridge,
it carefully raised rice with no pesticide cultivation.

Rice Factory Iwamuro; Team Photo

Reason for deliciousness

the Rice which has finished harvesting using combine, put they in a dryer immediately.
Rice of wet condition after harvest, get dry them to be the best moisture content suitable
for storage with “rice hulls” and store it.

We Rice Factory Iwamuro produce fattened rice for cattle of Fujita Farm
in addition to the rice delivered to you.

Moreover Koshihikari-rice of us is a 今摺米ima-zuri-mai,
which polished by machine after receiving your order.
As we keep it as quickly as possible at the time of harvest
and keep it with the rice hulls,
it is possible to deliver the flavor and taste with the new rice as is.

Harvesting by combine ...
Harvesting by combine …

Rice planting of Every year

Rice Factory Iwamuro, we do rice planting with the actress Tomoe Hiiro every year.
On that day Ms. Hiiro coming to rice field, we do rice planting experience together,
after that we have her recitation of books, tasting the Koshihikari rice ball,
and rice cake sticking experience and so on.

About the quality control of rice

After harvesting rice, it is our job to deliver to the customer without losing the quality of rice which we carefully raised.
Every day, we strive to improve the quality control according to the manual from the storage of rice, peeling, rice milling, shipping process.

However, we can not do post harvest (disinfection with harvested medicine) which became a problem frequently with import crops,
so it is difficult to eliminate 100% of insect contamination.

We will strive to make it as close as possible to 0%, so thank you for your understanding.

Please contact us without hesitation if you have any questions or concerns.
We’re waiting from yours.

Mt.Yahiko and Our rice field


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